Letter From Our Director

Dear Reader-

Recovery Academy (RA) was founded on the belief that everyone has strengths, gifts, talents, and skills we can use to improve our lives.

Our staff and students realize that everyone is recovering from something. We have all experienced life difficulties: mental illness, trauma, addictions, illnesses, etc. Our approach at Recovery Academy is that those with lived experience offer the most useful support. With this in mind, we offer classes, support groups, and mentoring for people in recovery by people in recovery.

All of the courses we offer are focused on learning about yourself and improving life skills needed to better manage your life. Our classes are highly interactive and students help each other. Classes are kept small (typically 6-15 students in size) and the entire course is six weeks. You can start classes anytime in the class schedule, and do not have to wait until the next session. In addition, you may take as many classes as you want. We truly want to see you reach your goals.

What makes Recovery Academy different is that our organization is an independent program. We lost all government funding after six years, and it has pushed us to be innovative in our practices. Since that time, we have not been affiliated with any university or government agency. We are currently funded through a charitable gift from Doug Meijer and the Meijer Foundation. However, we need additional funding. Meijer has pledged to match donations to Recovery Academy up to $75,000 and your donation will help us reach our financial objectives. We are deeply committed to our students.  In order to remain open to provide these essential services we need the financial backing of our community! You will find a "Donate Now" link on our homepage. Please give what you can.

We are thankful for your support as well as the incredible support we receive from the Meijer Foundation, students, staff, and volunteers.


Mike Roaleen

Director, Recovery Academy