Quotes from Students


"RA not only teaches you but helps you know how to use it." ~ Deb F.

"In writing this (Recovery Story) I had this eureka moment. I did not think I was in recovery, but suddenly I realized I was in recovery." ~ Ellen

"I am working in a psychiatric hospital and I am glad I took the PSS (Peer Support Specialist) training because it helped me know what to do." ~ Maurice

"I have not attempted to hurt myself since I've been coming to this group." ~ Sharon

"This place can keep me out of the hospital. Especially now that I am changing my case manager and psychiatrist. This is something stable." ~ Nancy

"If it had not been for RA, I would have gone back to drinking. Now my life is much better, I have a stable place to live, good friends, and I am very involved in the South Club." ~ Marsha

"The pills are of some consequence, but I get what I really need is here." ~ Bruce D.

"I come to this group feeling suicidal and after talking I leave it all in the room." ~ Lisa

"Go to a judge, social worker, DHS whatever...they don't care. It's places like this, hanging with people like me, that really helps." ~ Dave M.

"I used to go into the hospital every 3 months. I would cut myself, I've overdosed, and tried carbon monoxide. I started coming to RA three years ago and have no suicide attempts or hospitalizations since coming here." ~ Lisa - 01/12/15

"I shoved everything on the back burner and after a while my back burner ran out of room." ~ Mary

"I came, I believed, I loved, I became." ~ Debbi W.

"Recovery is always available, but there are times when we are not available to see it." ~ Mari

"If you could do it all over again, would you have chosen to have a mental illness?" "At first I thought, what a ridiculous question but the more I thought about it, I realized that I would not have gained, the knowledge, compassion and friendships that I now have." ~ Steve H.

"My rock is becoming my diamond." ~ Gene

"I don't get anything more talking to my counselor that I do attending the DBT group and she costs me $85 a week." ~ Sharon

"For the first time in my life, I am proud to exist on this earth and I try and enjoy every moment. If you compare my start of the program to today I am a different person, but a much better one." ~ Lindsay V., student since 9/7/17