Support Groups

We host multiple support groups each week here at Recovery Academy. Our students often attend a combination of support groups and classes. If you are interested in joining a support group, simply arrive 15 minutes to fill out some paperwork.

DBT Support Group - Sharpen your DBT skills! This is a group for those who have participated in DBT training or have knowledge of DBT and wish to continue mastering learned DBT skills. It is not intended to replace any therapy , but as an additional support. The focus of this group is to support each other in using DBT skills as they relate to life's challenges and by sharing with others who have similar experiences.

Men's Recovery Workshop - Meet and share with other men on topics that are significant to us; identity, loneliness, boundaries, anger, depression, culture, dealing with loss, relationships, etc.

Open Art - Let your creative muse shine. Whether you use paint, crayons, colored pencils, or just plain sketch, Open Art provides the opportunity to create while socializing with others. Open to anyone. We can supply paper and colored pencils. Bring your own paints and canvas. No oils please.

Pathways to Recovery - Learn about a "Strengths Approach to Recovery." Pathways to Recovery will help you plan and achieve personal goals and attain a higher quality of life. This course offers methods of reclaiming or enhancing a more fulfilling lifestyle by building on personal strengths, skills and abilities.

Schizophrenics Anonymous and Related Disorders Support Group - A self-help peer support group for persons who have schizophrenia or related illness. Together we provide hope and inspiration through education, discussion and mutual support.

Trauma Support - Traumatic stress is a mental condition triggered by the experience of frightening events. The intention of this group is to nurture a safe, confidential, and supportive environment for those who experience traumatic stress.

Wellness and Recovery Writing Workshop - Unleash your literary muse. Self-exploration and writing can be a powerful experience. Learn about creative techniques that can enhance your wellness through writing. Share your poems, stories, and articles with other writers for helpful feedback.

Wellness Support Group - Get the support you need! This support group touches on events important in our everyday lives. This group serves as a personal support group, a forum to discuss issues, and increase knowledge. Join a welcoming community of supportive individuals.

Women's Recovery Workshop - Women getting together to share personal experience on subjects that are close to us such as: dealing with abuse, forgiveness, love/hate relationships, rejection, our identity as women, and more. As we share, we learn to love and to enjoy our freedom as a person in recovery.